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Crafting experiences that help people while navigating the technology landscape.

Building Solutions

What can help people? This is a question we're constantly asking. We're looking for problems that have solutions appropriate for technology, especially web, cloud, mobile, and the Internet of things. If you want to talk about a situation like that feel free to contact us.

The Toolbox

Innovating Tomorrow has experience with a variety of technologies and technology supporting services including user experience, web development, web performance optimization, developer experience, microservices, numerous programming languages (including PHP, JavaScript, and Go), public clouds, cloud foundry, OpenStack, Kubernetes, Twelve-Factor Apps, more.


Innovating Tomorrow was founded with the hope of helping churches and ministries execute well with technology. We've helped churches, ministries, and even universities improve their experiences and use of technology. If you're a non-profit we're happy to help.

Contact Us

Have a question or are you ready to talk about how we can help?

You can reach us by emailing or by calling us at +1 (248) 238-8549. You can contact us by mail at P.O. Box 1176, Highland, MI, 48387. Sorry, no carrier pigeon or fax options available.

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