Start With Users

Any Internet based application has a wide variety of users. From the people who use the application to the people who develop and operate it. What works for them? What do they need and why? These are questions we ask and seek out the answers to. Starting with users in mind means we can map development and solutions back to the people who will benefit from them. We can help you understand your users.


We can help create an architecture for a solution that leverages what already exists and enables you to focus on your differentiation. In between having ideas, users, and customers to writing software is a space where solutions are formed that can be built into software. To create a solution we can ask what strategy best fits the need, what existing software services can be leveraged, what microservices can be used, what open source software will help, what new software needs to be written? We can help here.


When creating something new there is a point where software development needs to happen. We write software. That includes a variety of languages including JavaScript, PHP, Go, and front-end components such as CSS and HTML. New software and features to existing software may happen in a variety of languages as microservices grow in use. We can help.

Understand End-to-end

Developing new solutions and software is just the beginning. Hosting, operating, and working with the full lifecycle continues as long as the application is in use. What are cost effective ways to operate applications that allow for speed of development and stability? Where can testing be brought in to give you confidence? Should you use cloud computing and how could it fit into you stratecy? We can help answer these questions and get you started using them.

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